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Board’s decision making for the new normal

Board’s decision making for the new normal At the core, the board’s job is to ensure the performance of the enterprise it governs. For that is needs to make decisions, strategic decisions. This sounds straightforward, but many boards struggle to make good decisions. ”Only one in three boards reliably reach a conclusion”

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A new formula for agile board work is emerging

The ongoing speed and uncertainty impacts all companies, but is also impacting the way boards are performing their ongoing board work, we learnt at the recent Digoshen Board Live Exchange Webinar “Dynamic and Agile Board work during the pandemic”. We found some interesting development happening.  Some find the virtual meetings

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Boards Leadership in Uncertain Times

Insights from Boards Leadership in Uncertain Times. As we are all practicing board members and facing new challenges across the globe, we at Digoshen want to focus on opportunities. We know that speed, uncertainty and business complexity has increased, as we hosted another Digoshen Board Forum Exchange Webinar “Boards Leadership

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The art of developing Board Work

The Fortnightly Digoshen Board Forum Webinar series is designed to connect practicing board members globally with an objective to help them share insights and to find answers on how to: stay on top of the most current business impacting topics inspire improved board leadership and balance of guidance and supervision facilitate speed

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Boards are progressing on digital! Are you?

We explored the progress of European leadership teams and boards on digital insight and activities  – and we found some trend breaking results! Digoshen conducted a comparative analysis of the results from our research on the topic of “Digital Business and Leadership Capability” during January-May, 2016, with the results collected

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How #Boards & Companies Build #Digital Business Capabilities

There will be unprecedented change as a result of the impact digital progress has on our society and our companies. Disruptive change requires strong and brave leadership. As executive leaders and board members, we need to understand the impact the change will have on our customers, employees and companies. And

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One of the most profound trends impacting business today is the digital technology progress. We know from experience and research that both leaders and companies are struggling to embrace that change, and Digoshen and business partners have the ambition to provide insights and services to support that transition in a

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