How #Boards & Companies Build #Digital Business Capabilities

There will be unprecedented change as a result of the impact digital progress has on our society and our companies. Disruptive change requires strong and brave leadership. As executive leaders and board members, we need to understand the impact the change will have on our customers, employees and companies. And we need to take proactive measures to guide the companies into the future as safely as possible.

At Digoshen, we are conducting research and assessments of digital business and leadership capabilities required on an organizational as well as on an individual level. In a previous LinkedIn article, we shared key findings from the research done with Nordic and European board members from January to April 2016, including potential areas for improvements and recommendations to address the challenges.

In a new extended version of the report, we are also describing HOW companies are building digital business capabilities by revising their #strategy and increasing the capacity for #innovation. They run initiatives such as collaboration with #startups, conducting business experiments, explore corporate venture capital and acquisitions.

The extended report also includes examples of how companies are building digital #leadership capabilities by increasing digital competence at boards, in sub-committees and in executive teams. Examples include 21 board members and leaders bringing digital competence to their boards and executive teams, as well as companies exploring new subcommittees. The report also includes examples of companies who have activated the top leadership team and board and gained increased engagement across all layers in the organization.

The extended report is available via our Research Findings and also on our Digoshen Insight Platform, section “Sense at Scale”. The platform provides free of charge content such as various research findings, trends, strategies as well as interviews with digital leaders.

Finally, if you haven’t already, you may want to take a moment to complete the survey yourself. The process is confidential, requires 10 minutes of your time, and you will receive a personalized assessment with recommendations. You can find the survey here.

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