Using Platform leadership in a Digital world

As Chairman at Digoshen, I had the opportunity to speak at some recent summits with 300 business leaders from the European outdoor industry and 200 business leaders from the retail industry. They are truly engaged leaders and all work in an interesting industry, where the value however to consumer and

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Governance in a Disrupted World

What changing forces are shaping today’s governance? Disruption is shaping the global business climate, why the role of the board is becoming increasingly challenging, yet important. At INSEAD Directors Network, IDN, where I am also a board member, we are gathering for a two day thought-leadership event, INSEAD Directors Forum, IDF 2018, under the theme “Governance

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Roadmap to AI Governance with Board Dir. Anastassia Lauterbach

 “The Internet has already disrupted about 20 percent of global economy, and AI will transform the rest. That means that 80 percent of the economy is getting transformed by Artificial Intelligence as we speak.”  —Anastassia Lauterbach We had the opportunity to interview Anastassia Lauterbach, who has served as Board Director

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Use Podcasts to stay ahead as an Engaging leader

Podcasts are a great way to stay ahead of the curve for engaging leaders on trends and insights impacting their business and leadership. At Digoshen  we like to inspire advancing managers and board members to take leadership in the digital age. Therefore we quarterly provide a new list of a

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Recommended Podcasts for Advancing Leaders

Ambitious leaders and board members need to stay updated on trends and insights impacting their business and their leadership. At Digoshen we support advancing managers taking leadership in the digital age. Listening to podcasts is a great use of spare time for many leaders during for example travel time, which might sometimes

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Trust and Transparency needed for Innovation

Just back from a very interesting and rewarding visit to China. Now we are talking Innovation..! Extremely impressive development in so many areas, we already have a lot to learn from China in fast infrastructure development, platform and AI based digital technologies and much more. Thanks Carina Andersson for hosting us, and

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New framework for boards to guide innovation & corporate renewal

Globalisation and digitalisation changes the basic fundamentals for many companies to operate and compete successfully. The demands for corporate renewal and innovation at an increasing speed has increased dramatically. One of the biggest challenges for many companies’ long-term survival is the ability to continuously renew itself. The Boards role in this process are

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Experienced board chair Helen Pitcher OBE, inspiring boardroom excellence

Learn from another inspiring executive sharing her insights and personal journey to become a leader and non-executive board director in this increasingly digital world. Meet our next experienced leader Helen Pitcher. Helen Pitcher, OBE, is an experienced Board member, Chairman, Board facilitator and Coach with experience from both corporate operational

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Five Leadership Literacies needed for the Digital age of Disruption

We are moving towards a future that rewards clarity but punishes certainty, says our next thought leader Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow at Institute For The Future, IFTF in Silicon Valley. Bob Johansen is a leader, researcher and advisor to many large organizations such as P&G, Walmart, McKinsey, United Rentals, and Syngenta, as well

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Invest in your future – learn about technology and leadership!

I am passionate about #learning, #technology, #innovation and #leadership, both as an individual, as an engaged board member, corporate advisor and startup coach. And as the Chair at Digoshen, where Katy Caroan is CEO, we inspire executives and boards to move forward and take leadership in the #digital age. So

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