Recommended Podcasts for Advancing Leaders

Ambitious leaders and board members need to stay updated on trends and insights impacting their business and their leadership. At Digoshen we support advancing managers taking leadership in the digital age. Listening to podcasts is a great use of spare time for many leaders during for example travel time, which might sometimes

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Trust and Transparency needed for Innovation

Just back from a very interesting and rewarding visit to China. Now we are talking Innovation..! Extremely impressive development in so many areas, we already have a lot to learn from China in fast infrastructure development, platform and AI based digital technologies and much more. Thanks Carina Andersson for hosting us, and

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New framework for boards to guide innovation & corporate renewal

Globalisation and digitalisation changes the basic fundamentals for many companies to operate and compete successfully. The demands for corporate renewal and innovation at an increasing speed has increased dramatically. One of the biggest challenges for many companies’ long-term survival is the ability to continuously renew itself. The Boards role in this process are

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Experienced board chair Helen Pitcher OBE, inspiring boardroom excellence

Learn from another inspiring executive sharing her insights and personal journey to become a leader and non-executive board director in this increasingly digital world. Meet our next experienced leader Helen Pitcher. Helen Pitcher, OBE, is an experienced Board member, Chairman, Board facilitator and Coach with experience from both corporate operational

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Five Leadership Literacies needed for the Digital age of Disruption

We are moving towards a future that rewards clarity but punishes certainty, says our next thought leader Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow at Institute For The Future, IFTF in Silicon Valley. Bob Johansen is a leader, researcher and advisor to many large organizations such as P&G, Walmart, McKinsey, United Rentals, and Syngenta, as well

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Invest in your future – learn about technology and leadership!

I am passionate about #learning, #technology, #innovation and #leadership, both as an individual, as an engaged board member, corporate advisor and startup coach. And as the Chair at Digoshen, where Katy Caroan is CEO, we inspire executives and boards to move forward and take leadership in the #digital age. So

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Leading as #board director in disruptive times with Hakan Osterberg

Another inspiring executive shares his insights and personal journey to become a leader and non-executive board director in this increasingly digital world. Meet our next insightful leader Håkan Österberg. Håkan Österberg is an experienced change executive, with broad experience from international companies such as Ericsson, and is now a sought

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Urgent Need for a Wake-up Call Among European Board Directors to Adapt to the Digital Reality

There is an urgent need for a wake-up call among European directors: adapt to the digital reality or risk being outdated”  says Suzanne Liljegren, chair of the ecoDa (European Confederation of Board Directors) Communication Committee and member of the Board of Directors of the Swedish Academy of Board Directors in an

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How smart leaders get ahead by finding and organizing podcasts

Podcasts are continuously growing, engaging many of us, and have become a tool that modern leaders utilize to learn, get inspiration, and sometimes spread their own messages. In recent research by Edison about podcasting, we learn that: • Podcasting continues to rise with monthly listeners growing from 21% to 24%

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Digital impact on Boards at Dutch Board Innovation Event

How to deal with constant change and how to foresee a future that lies beyond what we can see today? How do we recognize the difference between optimization and disruption? Un-learning and re-learning as the new critical skills for board members was explored at an event with the Board Innovation network,

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