Perspectives for a prosperous 2016

Perspectives for a prosperous 2016

As a new year message I like to share some PERSPECTIVES, intended as inspiration and truly WELCOME YOUR VIEWS from your learnings! The perspectives come from insights from my work as Non Executive Board Director on some international companies as well as from coaching startups.

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Most of us will need to continue to develop our organisations to become more AGILE so its worth noting that the 3 most differentiating practices for the most agile companies are CLARITY OF ROLETOP DOWN INNOVATION and CAPTURING EXTERNAL IDEAS.  GAIA Leadership, where I hold a Board position, pledges the importance of engaging leadership, and to consider even yourself a company.

Capturing external ideas using FORESIGHT will be increasingly important, to ensure we break out of the future business opportunity paralysis. And for INNOVATION, one of the most important aspects is SPEED. Knowit Group, where I am also part of the Board, works with innovation solutions. They collaborate with Nathan Furr from INSEAD/Stanford who researched THE INNOVATOR’S DNA. An age of uncertainty creates challenges and opportunities!

Moreover, also established industries are increasingly facing DISRUPTIVE FORCES and need to make some BOLD MOVES as for example GM investing in Lyft, planning to offer on-demand self driving cars. We need to continously look for our own Blue Oceans and adjust our business models. I find approaches as BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY from INSEAD, nicely facilitating some of these challenges. INSEAD also provides an excellent International Directors Program enhancing boards and businesses with certified future oriented global leaders.  One company that has found its current blue ocean is AirB&B. You can find more of where AirB&Bs HEAD OF GROWTH (interesting title, right?) looks for INSPIRATION from this interview – listen for instance on the importance of connecting to the PURPOSE

Increasingly we see a major shift in the way we will work. From research by Institute for the Future we can revisit ten strategies for a workable futureZalaris, where I am also engaged at Board level, helps companies optimize their HR processes and move into the gig economy. The cloud and mobile based solutions are delivered globally from centers in nine countries, now also including India

This year will certainly bring even more excitement. Many are starting to use the term INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4.0, which is also the theme of this years World Economic Forum, WEF, in Davos. I believe in exchanging ideas, which is the basic purpose of WEF, and there are of course many ways to get updated and stay involved.

In Digoshen, where I am Chairman, we work with leaders and board members who value getting new insights via a community, and refine strategies as part of a virtual and physical DIGITAL BUSINESS IMMERSING JOURNEY to SILICON VALLEY. If this sounds interesting to someone you know, or if you want to learn more about this opportunity yourself, dont hesitate to contact us.

For future insigths and continued learning, you are welcome to subscribe to one of my digital magazines as Spotlight on Innovation, Startup & Venture CapitalLeadership Matters or Board Business.

If you believe I, or any of the companies mentioned, can assist in any ways, don’t hesitate to contact me. I wish you an exciting and prosperous 2016!