Entrepreneurship as Design

Many organizations try to pick new #venture winners up front, despite the inescapable uncertainty faced by #innovative entrepreneurs. The process of #innovation and #entrepreneurship can be speeded up following a combination of accelerators with experienced leaders and insights attained through iterative processes and artifacts.

Super valuable summary by professor Henrik Berglund (link to publication below), based on the extensive journey of coaching more than 100 startups and scale-ups, through accelerator programs Board Global  and Scale Global  together with academic leaders at Chalmers University of Technology as Sören Sjölander, Joakim Björkdahl, Martin Wallin, and Johan Sköld.

Some of the pictures from our meetings and Silicon Valley trips over the years can be found >> here

Great startups have been included in the programs as Bokio, Detectify, Elastisys, Greenbyte, Parakey, Volumental, WeMatter, as well as great scale-ups as Learnster, Adlede, Metry and many more.

And experienced entrepreneurs and leaders and humble business coaches in the programs included  Johan Crona, Mengmeng Du, Miriam Grut Norrby, Anders Hallin, Stefan Lindeberg, Alfred Ruth, and a fortunate and grateful myself.  

The programs were co-sponsored by Vinnova and hosted by the foundation IMIT, where I am now also fortunate to have been elected and serve on the board.

Learn more in the excellent publication shared by Professor Henrik Berglund under the topic of “Entrepreneurship as Design“.

Its been a great journey for many of the startups and scaleups. Now continuing to utilise the insights when coaching startups, as sustainable TrusTrace, in own startups as Digoshen, and in many board mandates including Boards Impact Forum which you can read more abut here.

A warm thanks to Henrik Berglund, Johan Sköld and all great leaders mentioned above, as well all Silicon Valley friends for all generous insights over the years, as Andrew Chen – Linkedin Rohit Sharma – Venture Partner, True Ventures – Linkedin Morgan Beller – GP, Andreessen Horowitz – Linkedin Johan Brenner – GP, Creandum – Linkedin Cindy Alvarez – Director of User Experience,  Yammer – Linkedin Tristan Kromer – Linkedin Hiten Shah – Co–founder, KISSMetrics – Linkedin Dave McClure – Linkedin Peter Carlsson, Tesla – Linkedin and Gustaf Alströmer, PM Growth airbnb – Linkedin

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