It’s time to write the stories of the future

We have been thrown into an uncertain reality with the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. We have been trying to cope with readjusting our businesses, organizations and lives.

We now need to help ourselves and our businesses to spend some time gazing through the fog and do some foresight.

  • How do we go about finding signals and insights, what do we see and what is the role for us leaders and boards?

Join our next Digoshen Global Live Exchange and discuss the topic with other board members and business executives;

Our experienced Digoshen Impact Partner Fernanda Torre will help us by framing the topic around approaches, trends and roles as leaders and board members. Which we use as input for our interactive discussions and sharing.

Foresight. Visions of future, after pandemic.“ held on on May 25 8-9 AM CET

We at Digoshen run these exchanges with the objective to share examples and learnings connected to the unprecedented challenges practicing members and business executives are facing globally.

Find some of our insights from our latest Digoshen Live Exchange A new formula for Agile Board work is emerging.

Upcoming Live Exchange Webinars and Topics 

If the upcoming time doesn’t fit, you can >> check out and pencil in the planned future dates. And there you  can also find links and learn from experience at earlier Digoshen Live Exchange webinars.


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