Sharing some of my digitally artwork & art shop Novisali 

Historical artifact as old maps and handwritten letters and historical poetry sentences generated art, all merged with my watercolor paintingusing AI. Further down a link to the art shop Novisali. 

Based on Alfred Nobel poetry sentences & my watercolour paintings

Some lofty thoughts to lift us to the spheres

This breathing clay what business has it here

Semblance of a soul, To dream of immortality

Based on Edith Södergran poetry sentences & my watercolour paintings

“The moon speaks to me in silvern runes” 

“My soul was a light blue dress, I left it on a rock by the sea” 

“Of all our sunny world, I wish only for a garden sofa”

Based on Historical Artifacts & my watercolour paintings

Transformed Artifacts: Old maps from Scandinavia, Star constellation maps, Handwritten historical documents as Nobel Certificate (possible to acquire via shop below)

The Novisali – Shop with my artwork expressed as wall art and useful products

Novisali Shop

Based on

my >> Blue Vision

Based on

>> Astrid Admiration