Virtual Exhibition: Easter Parade

The Easter Parade exhibition by Novisali (alias Liselotte Engstam) was open during Easter period 2023, and is now closed.

Photos from the exhibition:

Easter Parade, As a reminder that Easter brings spring, growth, development and explosion of colors. The exhibition shows bunnies and flowers, brought forward with optimism and cheerfulness. Any work that you connect extra with, that inspires some expectations?

Easter Parade, A poem by Novisali with support of AI.

Easter brings a burst of light As nature wakes from winter’s night A symphony of colors bright A sign of hope, a shining sight

The earth renews, with fresh new green A time of growth, a lively scene A promise of what’s yet unseen A world of wonder, yet to glean

The trees stand tall, with leaves anew A sign of life, that will ensue A canvas painted, with colors true A masterpiece, of nature’s view

The flowers bloom, with fragrant grace A joyous dance, a smiling face A gift of beauty, to embrace A moment of awe, in time and space

Easter brings a new development A chance for all, to reinvent A time of hope, a heart’s ascent A world of love, that is heaven-sent

May Easter bring a light so bright That fills your heart, with pure delight A journey of growth, that’s out of sight A life of love, that’s full and bright.

You might also want to listen to the corresponding mixed music playlist at Spotify “Easter Parade” here:

The Exhibition was designed with a base of watercolour paintings, old photos and AI generated artwork by Novisali (alias Liselotte Engstam). The music was also composed and AI generated by the Novisali.