Autumn is a time for Connecting, Collecting and Creating

Autumn is a time for Connecting, Collecting and Creating

(updated November 2022)

As the leaves begin to change color and the temperature starts to cool, we naturally begin to explore the new season. 

We connect with our friends, nature, business contacts and opportunities, 

We collect our harvest of both personal and business development.

We create the new inspired by the colors of the season, works of art, and lay the foundation for the coming year.

It’s a wonderful time to reconnect and create new lasting memories. 

Connecting, Collecting and Creating Inspiration 

For inspiration we created a new playlist on Spotify “Awesome Autumn 22”, which includes a mixture of new and older songs, and a message to you through reading the titles

To Connect – listen actively to your connections, make nature walks and notice wonder, travel the world, in mind, virtual or reality, and appreciate the diversity – and #ReadtheMessage  of the song titles and listen to the #Playlist ”Awesome Autumn 22”   

To Collect– consider which seeds are ready to be harvested, of both personal and business nature, consider what new trends are emerging and needs to be included and find some inspiration in in the Digoshen Recommends Insight Guide with curated reports from World Economic Forum and a Podcast playlist, including an inspiration podcast show – Philosophy for our times

* To Create – consider what new experiences can be included to upgrade your foundation, enjoy some art, play some games, try some new approaches and tools – –  see some of my art creations made with AI, combining poetry and art, see the collection Aesthetical Autumn. And see more collections, some made into useful things and for some creative inspiration listen to podcasts in this the Art Podcast list