Innovation comes in all forms

Innovation comes in all forms

The inventor Albert Nobel established in his will an ambition to on yearly basis recognize and celebrate important innovations for the world. The Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize Laureats from all over the world are in Stockholm these weeks, and many of them share interesting lectures about their science an inventions. 

You can learn more and even hold your own Nobel lectures, use these pre-prepared lectures 

The prize ceremony is held at Stockholm Concert Hall is live streamed on December 10 from 4pm CET, you can watch it here 

The Nobel Prize banquet, the gala of the year, is held at Stockholm City Hall, on the evening of December 10. The curiosity level is at all time high on who else is invited, who will be seated with whom, what are the most elegant dresses, and what will they be served. The banquet can be seen from the same time here.

Annie Hesselstad, the Chief of Pastry at Artipelag, is creating this years Nobel banquet dessert at the The Nobel Prize Banquet. The Nobel dessert will include plums, a somewhat forgotten and underrated fruit believs Annie. Annie has been part of the Swedish Culinary Team and lived in France an Austria. Today she is head of Pastry at Artipelag, an art destination in the Stockholm archipelago, where her pastries are inspired by nature and the art exhibitions.  

The menu including the dessert will be announced as the banquet starts at 7 PM CET

Artipelag is a world recognized international art and nature destination in the Stockholm Archipelago, bringing together innovative and responsible leaders and artists to be inspired with insights, exhibitions, experiences including culinary, to facilitate exchange and create reflections and understanding. 

The current exhibition Essence-Eksistence, is with the artist Anselm Kiefer, who brings together links with philosophy, literature, religion and scientific theories to expose a complex contemporary world view. 

One of my own favourite parts of the exhibition are the paintings inspired by the 17th centure philosopher Robert Fludd, who believed taht all living objects on earth has a corresponding star in heaven. In the paintings Kiefer has worked with the NASA star coordination system to signal the positions in space in the painings. 

Anne has developed a related exhibition pastry. The pastry is inspired by Kiefers gray color scales and multifacetted way of expressing both the current and the past. The creation consists of av vanilla bavaroise, blackberry compote, lemon glaze and sorrel panna cotta on an oat-base.

Artipelag is currenly serving a special Christmas Buffet , made from scratch or provided by locally producers, including a dessert table by the Nobel Banquet dessert pastry chef. The buffet is also provided packaged with the exhibition and conferences. 

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And Artipelag also holds an outdoor Sculpture in Nature exhibition, with artworks placed in nature. And an exhiting new type of experience related to the expidition will be revieled beginning of next year. 

More inspiration on innovation, art and Alfred Nobel can be found in a previous blogpost Celebrating Innovation – It’s an Art!”