Virtual Exhibition: Lovely Synchrony

The Lovely Synchrony exhibition by Novisali (alias Liselotte Engstam) was open during February 23 , and is now closed.

Photos from the exhibition:

Lovely Synchrony.
A reminder of the joy and importance of relatedness and empathy with other humans and beings. The Exhibition showed females and males, young and old, humans and animals with a hearty connection.

What a beautiful scene to see
The colors of the earth, so free
From the green of the trees to the blue of the skies
It’s a sight that truly makes one’s heart rise
The birds that sing and the flowers that bloom
Nature’s gifts, all in one room
From the rustling leaves to the rolling waves
It’s a symphony of life that nature gave
The world is full of love and peace
It’s a feeling that will never cease
From the mountains to the oceans wide
It’s a home for all, where everyone can reside
So let’s take a moment to appreciate
The wonders of this world, so great
For in this life, there is so much to see
What a wonderful world, for you and me!

The poem was inspired by the lyrics of “What a wonderful world” and co-created with Open AI algorithms.

You might also want to listen to the corresponding mixed music playlist at Spotify “Lovely Synchrony” here:

It is found that some neuroscience approaches stimulates synchrony, increase empathy and a shared mindset, with a greater understanding and appreciation for each other. Read more in this blogpost

The Exhibition was designed with a base of watercolour paintings, and AI generated artwork by Novisali (alias Liselotte Engstam). The music is also composed and AI generated by the Novisali.