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Ambitious #boards and #leaders are now planning for their guidance and supervision to ensure the advantage of using #AI. The 2022 AI Index Report: AI’s Emerging Real-World Impact
The lack of standardization on #ESG scoring is leading to “aggregate confusion,” This calls for greater attention to how the data underlying ESG ratings is generated, but also for #boards and leaders to ensure they internally align…
"Between knowing and acting there is choosing" - Professor @Subi Rangan INSEAD
@jhsnabe shares his insights on what is required to meet the SDG goals - #innovations and #digital #technologies. As #businesses can do this and #boards are ultimate responsibl…
“Andersen... didn’t believe that you should try to be good because it pays… but because evil stems from intellectual and emotional stuntedness and is the one form of poverty that should be shunned.”

Superb read by Hans Christian Andersen: @brainpickings
I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Non-Executive Board Director, Member of Audit Committee at Cint!