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testing Cecilia Widebäck West
Reminds Oregrund Backpack historical map of Oresund “Vastra Kusten" From @liseeng digital creations made from historical artefacts, merged through AI with watercolour painting
From the Novisali shop
#AI #history #art #reimagined
How will the #metaverse change your business? And how can you get ahead of the change and shape it to your advantage?
A must read for all modern #BoardMembers!

#strategy #digital
#Networking is a key action to develop yourself, your business and contribute to others.

It is a well-worth investment.

I am sharing some professional insights from INSEAD professor Noah Askin and INSEAD IDN President Helen Pitcher OBE, and some of my…
How to fix a world – a poignant poem by a 4-year-old child, animated by a Ukrainian artist via @brainpickings liseeng photo