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Today European Commission announced the #greendeal #industrial plan supporting European Businesses moving faster towards #netzero.

It will impact most businesses and #boards.

Looking forward to learn from Susanna Perko from the European Commission and…
January 31 is the #Backward Day, encouraging us to do things oppositely.

It's a time to take a look at our actions to see how reversing them can be effective, and fun at the same time.

Any actions you might consider worthy of reversal?
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Has Economic Globalization Been a Failure?

It depends on the story we tell ourselves..

What story are you hearing the most?
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The remarkable story of the seamstress turned scientist who solved the ancient mystery of the argonaut, pioneered the aquarium, and laid the groundwork for the study of octopus intelligence via @brainpickings
Are you using the Engine of Wow?

Think about the new #GenerativeAI as - AI on the tap. Generative AI will speed up creative processes and disrupt many organisations, boardrooms and art institutions.

Boardrooms need to have a curious mindset, as shared…
9 of 16 tipping elements that regulates the state of the earths climate system shows signs of instability says Professor Johan Rockström, a leading authority on #climatechange, at World Economic Forum.

Still many companies don't have climate change in th…