How smart leaders get ahead by finding and organizing podcasts

Podcasts are continuously growing, engaging many of us, and have become a tool that modern leaders utilize to learn, get inspiration, and sometimes spread their own messages. In recent research by Edison about podcasting, we learn that: • Podcasting continues to rise with monthly listeners growing from 21% to 24%

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Digital impact on Boards at Dutch Board Innovation Event

How to deal with constant change and how to foresee a future that lies beyond what we can see today? How do we recognize the difference between optimization and disruption? Un-learning and re-learning as the new critical skills for board members was explored at an event with the Board Innovation network,

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Learn from Corporate #Innovation Executive Lena Danielsson at The Absolut Company

We are delighted to share yet another interview with an inspiring leader embracing innovation in a new and increasingly digital world. We will understand more of the personal journey and get access to some of the insight collected over many years. Our next leader is Lena Danielsson.  Lena is the

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Make a game changing plan for the year!

Things will most certainly move even faster the coming year, and there will be bumps in the road for us to learn from. It is time to reflect, and make a game changing plan for 2017! From the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens written already 1859

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Boards are progressing on digital! Are you?

We explored the progress of European leadership teams and boards on digital insight and activities  – and we found some trend breaking results! Digoshen conducted a comparative analysis of the results from our research on the topic of “Digital Business and Leadership Capability” during January-May, 2016, with the results collected

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Successful Leaders ensures Foresight & Ambidextrous Organizations to increase Value Creation.

Digitalization has now started to impact most industries and businesses. There is a growing need for companies, their boards, and leaders to respond with strategic decisions based on the understanding of how digitalization impact their businesses and their business models. Digital progress also affects the way leadership teams and boards

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Learn from experienced #Digital Non-Executive Board Director – Denise Koopmans

We are delighted to share interviews with inspiring leaders embracing the digital world, so we can understand more of their personal journey and get access to some of their insights. Our next leader is Denise Koopmans. Denise is a non-executive board director at several companies, as for example Sanoma, Koninklijke

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How #Boards & Companies Build #Digital Business Capabilities

There will be unprecedented change as a result of the impact digital progress has on our society and our companies. Disruptive change requires strong and brave leadership. As executive leaders and board members, we need to understand the impact the change will have on our customers, employees and companies. And

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Learn from experienced #Digital CEO – Mark Dennis, Sony Music Sweden

Read more about inspiring leaders embracing the digital world and understand more of their personal journey and get access to some of their insights. Our next leader is Mark Dennis. Mark is the CEO of Sony Music Sweden. Mark believes passionate leadership and diversity is the key to the future.

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One of the most profound trends impacting business today is the digital technology progress. We know from experience and research that both leaders and companies are struggling to embrace that change, and Digoshen and business partners have the ambition to provide insights and services to support that transition in a

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